Joshua Safran

Joshua Safran is an author, attorney and nationally recognized advocate for survivors of domestic violence. His memoir, Free Spirit: Growing Up On the Road and Off the Grid, about his remarkable childhood on the dark side of the Age of Aquarius, was published by Hachette. Safran was born into a coven of witches in a Haight-Ashbury commune in 1975. He spent his childhood hitchhiking throughout the American West, living in an ice cream truck/cults/teepees/vans/buses/on the forest floor, and surviving his violent alcoholic stepfather ̶ ̶  a guerilla fighter from Central America  ̶  before attending law school at U.C. Berkeley. Joshua’s seven-year legal odyssey to free an incarcerated survivor of domestic abuse from prison was featured in the award-winning documentary Crime After Crime, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Joshua’s essays have been published in Salon, The Daily Beast, and Huffington Post, and he has received numerous awards for his advocacy work.