Lori Wallace

Lori, a San Jose native, was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, a week before her younger son's 5th birthday. She believed that treatment would take her out of commission for a few months, maybe a year, and then she'd be "back in the game", trying to save the world while raising her two boys and loving her crazy family. That didn't work out. Treatment was crippling and recovery was slow. Soon after returning to work, she found a new lump. Her cancer had progressed to Stage IV, also called metastatic disease. There is no cure for stage IV breast cancer and median survival is 2 - 3 years. Lori is now 44 yrs old, with an awesome 24 yr old son, Evan, and sweet 9 year old son, Braden. She has redirected her passion for sustainability and local community to breast cancer activism and is living condensed, squeezing as much fun as possible between rounds of chemo, loving family, friends and life even harder.