digi.lit 2014


June 21, 2014

University of California
Hastings College of the Law
198 McAllister Street, San Francisco

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“Best Lit-Geek Gathering” — San Francisco magazine, 2013

Welcome to digi.lit, Litquake’s digital publishing conference, hosted in San Francisco, the capitol of both literature and technology. This day-long series of panels and talks will help demystify the new publishing landscape by bringing together representatives from 15 traditional and non-traditional publishers, as well as successful authors, respected agents and editors, application and graphic designers, marketers, and booksellers.

The day is comprised of three morning sessions and three afternoon sessions. The schedule is broken down into two basic tracks, one practical, and the other more philosophical. Each session presents a panel associated with each of those tracks. We hope you find the conference both enlightening and empowering!

8:30 am – Coffee & registration, exhibits, mingling
9:00-10:00 am – Morning Session One
Track 1:
Is Digital Publishing the Best Option for Me?
Legacy publishing? Ebook? Print-on-demand? Which option should you choose, and why? Our panel will help you navigate the many options available to get your work published and in the hands of readers.
Track 2:
Finding eBooks Worth Your Time
The world is now awash in ebooks, but how do you quickly find the books you want to read? This discussion will break down discoverability problems into easy solutions to keep you reading, instead of searching.
Evette Davis (author)
Adam Gomolin (Inkshares)
Linda Joy Myers (President, Nat’l Assoc. of Memoir Writers)
Moderator: Sam Barry (Book Passage)
Ami Greko (Goodreads, Book Marketing Strategist)
Jay Hartman (Untreed Reads)
Rama Sadasivan (Scribd, Director of Business Development)
Moderator: Roy Carlisle (IBPA)
10:00-10:15 am – Break
10:15-11:15 am – Morning Session Two
Track 1:
Do You Read Me?
Author Branding & Marketing
Digital authors grapple with the familiar challenges of cutting through the clutter. In this session, you can learn tips and strategies from the experts on how to promote your writing to a digital audience, and how to build the right identity to best can attract readers to your work.
Track 2:
Who Owns My Stuff?
The Rights Wars
Seldom has an issue ignited the publishing community more than this one. Should writers give their work away for free? Or should writers guard the use of their words zealously? This panel will present both sides and then some.
Nina Amir (author and writing coach)
Jane Friedman (Scratch Magazine)
Seth Harwood (author)
Moderator: Elise Cannon (PGW)
Tom Leonard (co-founder, Authors Alliance)
Michelle Richmond (author & Authors Guild board member)
Andy Ross (agent)
Moderator: Bridget Kinsella (author & journalist)
11:15-11:30 am – Break

11:30-12:30 pm – Keynote
 Miral Sattar of BiblioCrunch
12:30-1:30 pm – Lunch Break
1:30-2:30 pm – Afternoon Session One
Track 1:
Building a Book
Don’t wait for permission to become your own publisher. We can all build our own books. Here’s a discussion that will take you through the steps from A to Z.
Track 2:
New, Now, Next
What’s the next game changer? These six innovative start-ups are transforming the creative process and the way readers connect with content.
Margery Buchanan (Ingram Spark)
Christine Munroe (Kobo)
Case Talbot (Smashwords)
Moderator: Evette Davis (author)
Books I Love — Elizabeth Dimarco, Co-Founder
Booktrack — Jason Hovey, VP Business Development
Circa — David Cohn, Chief Content Officer
Hypothes.is — Jake Hartnell, Product Designer
Quip — Josh Weinstein, Business Lead
Tapnik — Joel Davis, Founder
Moderator: Scott James, (journalist/author)
2:30-2:45 pm – Break
2:45-3:45 pm – Afternoon Session Two
Track 1:
The Cost of DIY
With no physical printing and no distribution of physical books, it can’t cost much to self-publish your ebook. Or does it? Our experts break down the hidden costs of DIY and alert you to unexpected expenses, and how to avoid them.
Track 2:
The Changing Ways We Read
Do the current trends in serialized, long form and subscription-based content platforms suggest the way we read is changing? Or are they changing how we read? How does this affect the way we write? Our panel of avid readers shares its expert knowledge of working with and sharing digital content, and discuss the social and cultural implications of new technology.
Kate Chynoweth (Girl Friday Productions)
Claudia Long (author)
Rachel Lehmann-Haupt (StoryMadeStudio)
Holly Payne (author/publisher)
Yael Goldstein Love (Rooster)
Randy McDevitt-Parks (Alameda County Library)
Karen Wickre (Twitter)
Moderator: Geoffrey Nunberg (UC Berkeley)
3:45-4:00 pm – Break
4:00-5:00 pm – Afternoon Session Three
Track 1:
Reinventing Your Career in the Digital Age
With more readers migrating to digital devices, how can you adapt to survive? Hear from writers who have found new audiences through digital publishing, and discover insights into connecting with readers outside of the printed page.
Track 2:
Beyond the Book: Other Opportunities in the Digital Realm
Advancements in technology and digital publishing are pushing the boundaries of what we consider a “book.” Our panel of creators and curators explores and introduces some exciting, trending and unique formats, including audio books, longform journalism, enhanced apps and motion books.
Shirin Bridges (author & publisher)
Michael Goldberg (author)
Rudy Rucker (author)
Moderator: Laura Fraser (Shebooks)
Susie Bright (author, Audible Editor-at-Large)
Eli Horowitz (author)
Bobbie Johnson (Medium)
Liam Sharp (Madefire)
Moderator: Jennifer Maerz (The Bold Italic)
5:15-6:30 pm – Closing Wine Reception in Exhibit Area



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