Why Kidquake?

You inspired me. Now I want to be an author like you.”

Timo, Jose Ortega Elementary School,
to author Jennifer Holm after her visit

kiquake-letterReading is central not only to the development of an inquisitive mind but also to the advancement of overall learning outcomes. And what better way to get excited about reading than to meet an author in person and receive an autographed copy of his or her book!

Studies show that access to printed materials improves children’s reading performance, causes children to read more and for longer periods of time, and produces improved attitudes toward reading and learning in general. And meeting an author in-person gives students a special type of encouragement. As a teacher at San Francisco’s Sunset Elementary School said in a 2010 Kidquake evaluation form, “Meeting authors sends an important message: We all can be authors & illustrators.”

Litquake’s programs for elementary school children and high school teens strive to give students exciting real-life tools to help them develop reading skills and a life-long passion for reading.