The Epicenter: Peter Coyote in Conversation with Phil Bronstein

Co-presented by Green Apple Books

Litquake is proud to present the San Francisco launch of Peter Coyote's latest release, The Rainman's Third Cure: An Irregular Education. This spiritual biography explores the competing forces of the transcendental, inclusive, and ecstatic world of love and the competitive, status-seeking world of wealth and power. Coyote will be in conversation with Phil Bronstein, a journalist, editor, and executive chair of the board for the Center for Investigative Reporting. Audience Q&A, and book sales and signing to follow. Co-presented by Green Apple Books.

Expanding his frame beyond his wild ride through the 1960s counterculture that occupied so much of his lauded debut memoir, Sleeping Where I Fall, Coyote provides readers intimate portraits of mentors who shaped him—a violent, intimidating father; a bebop bass player who teaches him that life can be improvised; a Mafia consiglieri who demonstrates to him that men can be bought and manipulated; a gay dancer in Martha Graham's company who introduces him to Mexico and marijuana; and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gary Snyder, who introduces him to Zen practice.

What begins as a peripatetic flirtation with Zen deepens into a lifelong avocation. Through Zen, Coyote discovers a third option that offers an alternative to love and power's correlatives of status-seeking and material wealth.

"Peter Coyote's new memoir is just plain wonderful—richly textured, beautifully written, sad, sweet, sometimes funny, always wise. It is about childhood losses and joy, growing up, mentors, loyalty, the search for Truth, survival, the sixties, the seventies, transcendence healing, disasters. It is told by a writer of deep wisdom, self-knowledge and charm, yet I gobbled it up, like a novel."—Anne Lamott

"Fellow students of Zen will especially appreciate Coyote's breakdown of meditative retreats and flashes of enlightenment."—Publishers Weekly