The Story of Everything: A Performance by Hawaiian Poet Laureate Kealoha

Produced with support from the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation and co-presented by Heyday Books

Kealoha, the first Poet Laureate of Hawai’i and honored MIT nuclear physics graduate, presents the world premiere of his multimedia production titled The Story of Everything, a performance which infuses science, storytelling, poetry, movement, and visual art.

Created with the support of a Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Community Inspiration Award, The Story of Everything is an original creation story (in epic poem format) based on multiple knowledge systems that explores the question “Where do we come from?” Kealoha will personify explanations for human origin using the Big Bang Theory, disco, physics, biology, Michael Jackson, and the Kumulipo to see the parallels and differences posited from people and disciplines around the world. This performance traces the beginning of life from simple forms that evolve into complex relationships, and ends with a provocation: Where do we go from here? What is next?