Litquake FAQ

Which is correct: Litquake or LitQuake?
It’s “Litquake” only, no capital “Q.” However, “Lit Crawl” and “Lit Cast” are two words. Don’t ask us why.
When is the Litquake festival?
The festival runs from October 11 to October 20, 2018.
When will you announce the 2018 festival schedule?
*Screams internally* September 1, 2018.
I’m a writer. How can I submit to appear at Litquake?
You can submit to the festival, and/or our second annual writing contest by referring to this quick link.
I'm a publicist, how do I submit my client?
Please refer to this quick link.
I'm a reading series/magazine, etc., how do I submit an event?
Sounds like you are perfect for Lit Crawl San Francisco. Here is a link that will help you with that.
I have a venue that could be used for a Litquake event, how do I submit this information?
Fabulous! We are always looking for creative, innovative venues throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Please email us at
Where can I find a printed festival program?
Those magical booklets filled with awesome events will be available at every Litquake event throughout the festival, beginning with our opening night. Also, keep an eye out at your local independent bookstores, where they will mysteriously pop up overnight in the days prior to the festival.
Why do some events cost money and others don't?
A majority of our events are free to produce due to the community’s support and love for the literary arts. But venues must be rented, and so we need to recoup our production costs.
Can I buy a book at the festival and have the author sign it?
Sure! Many events are perfect for stalking and meeting your favorite author.
Do you also do events outside of the October festival?
Litquake hustles all year long to satisfy our audience. Check to find out more about our Epicenters and other events. Also, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.
I want to learn more about writing. Do you offer classes?
To satisfy your inner aspiring writer, get your lit on with our Master Class Mixers here.
I don't live in San Francisco. Do you produce literary events throughout the Bay Area?
You can bet your inner bookworm dork we do. We host events in the North, South, and East Bay. To find out if there is an event near you, check out our calendar at  
I would like to start a Lit Crawl in my city. How do I begin?
Sweet! To have literature hit your streets, please click here to get started.
I would like to make a personal donation. How do I do this?
Thank you kindly for your interest in supporting our programs. To find out more about our Bestsellers Club membership levels and member benefits, please refer to this link.
I am interested in a sponsorship. What’s the next step?
For more details on sponsorship and special event sponsor packages, contact Jack Boulware at
How can I volunteer during the festival?
Hey good-lookin’, you just got yourself the best deal in the West Coast literary scene! Click here to find out how you can be a part of our crafty volunteer team.
How can I help produce Litquake?
We would love your help as we are always looking to expand our festival committee. Email us at
How can I get a Litquake T-shirt?
Unfortunately, our flattering shirts are not for sale at this time. But if you can’t go on a minute longer without one, any donations of $150 or above will get you this special garment, and much more.
How long has Litquake been running?
Litquake has been shaking the literary scene since 1999. For more on our origin story, click here.
How many authors have participated in Litquake?
An astounding number of 7,100 authors!
How many people have attended Litquake?
An even more astounding number of 145,854 individuals!
What kind of people attend Litquake?
People like you. Fans of the written word, avid readers, published writers, aspiring writers, students, poets, journalists, artists, teachers, and individuals from all different ages, backgrounds, and experiences. We’re an eclectic, vibrant group of people who love literature.
What is the best way to contact Litquake?
There are many different ways to contact us, depending on your needs. Just click here to be directed to our contact page.
Still have questions?
Great! This means that you’re an active-thinking homo sapien capable of rational, intelligent choices, and we would be proud to hear from you! Email us at