Litquake Committee

Litquake's Cast of Thousands

Jack Boulware, Executive Director
Jane Ganahl, Artistic Director
Development Director
Amy Kaminer
Marketing/Production Manager
Graham Todd
Operations Manager
Sophia Cross
Marketing Associate
Michael Rounds
Administrative Intern
Maddie Felder
Executive Committee
Polina Abramson (Lit Crawl SF)
Andres Bella
Darothy Durkac
Robin Ekiss
Lisa Galloway (grant writing)
Gravity Goldberg
Lisa D. Gray (Lit Crawl SF)
Jilanne Hoffmann (Kidquake)
Scott James
Christopher Kees (Lit Crawl SF)
Janine Kovac (web maven)
Deborah Krant (Kidquake)
Summer Dawn Laurie (Kidquake, Teenquake)
Roxane Le Corre (Lit Crawl SF)
Nina Lesowitz
Sarah Martin (Lit Crawl SF)
Davyd Morris (Lit Crawl SF)
Miri Nakamura (Lit Crawl SF)
Lauren Parker
Elise Proulx
Suzanne Russo (Lit Crawl Global)
Gregg Schoenberg (Lit Crawl SF)
Anne Schukat (Lit Crawl SF)
Renee Senogles (Lit Crawl SF)
Jen Siraganian
Ransom Stephens
Tamera Walters (Lit Crawl SF)
James Warner (Lit Crawl SF Director)
Poetic Tuesday Curator
Brynn Saito
Special Event Production
Dylan Avery, Sarah Davis, Christie Ward
Lit Cast Podcast
Producer: Samantha Land
Special Thanks
Helena Brantley, Parker T. Gibbs 
Lit Crawl Global
More versions of the world-famous Lit Crawl™ also take place each year around the U.S. and the world. For more information visit
Lit Crawl Austin
Producer: Jill Meyers
Lit Crawl Boston
Producer: James Sullivan
Lit Crawl Cheltenham, England
Producer: Lyndsey Fineran
Lit Crawl Chicago
Producers: Lindsay Muscato, Jessica Anne
Lit Crawl Denver
Producer: Monique Lewis
Lit Crawl Iowa City
Producers: Andre Perry, Joseph Tiefenthaler
Lit Crawl Kells
Producer: Geraldine Gaughran
Lit Crawl Los Angeles
Producer: Sally Shore
Lit Crawl Manhattan & Lit Crawl Brooklyn
Producer: Lily Philpott
Lit Crawl Minneapolis
Producer: Anne Saxton
Lit Crawl Portland
Producers: Heather Brown, Amanda Bullock
Lit Crawl Seattle
Producer: Jekevah Phillips
Lit Crawl Wellington, New Zealand
Producers: Andrew Laking, Claire Mabey
Festival Design
Print: Alice Lin
Poster: Gary Houston/Voodoo Catbox
Web: Giant Rabbit
Public Relations/Media
Liam Passmore/Shave and a Haircut
Litquake Foundation
Board of Directors
Natalie Baszile
Donna Bero
Jack Boulware
Frances Dinkelspiel
Karen Galatz
Jane Ganahl
Jordan Gill
Scott James
Michelle Jeffers
Elise Proulx
Julia Flynn Siler
Jody Weiner