The Epicenter: Cintra Wilson in Conversation with Gary Kamiya

Co-presented by Green Apple Books

“While I may know as much about fashion as the average farm animal, I am in awe of Cintra Wilson’s savage, untamed, and deeply learned writing on the subject. Clotheshorses are advised not to attempt reading her book while consuming beverages, since the resulting explosions of laughter may ruin their outfits.”—Luc Sante

“Cintra is an original. She is talented, funny, and altogether exceptional.” —Francis Ford Coppola

Litquake is proud to host the San Francisco launch of Cintra Wilson's newest book, Fear and Clothing: Unbuckling American Style. Cintra will be in conversation with author/editor Gary Kamiya. Book sales and signing to follow.

In an age of mass-produced clothing and style dictated by celebrities and bloggers, what does the outfit we choose to wear in the morning say about us? To former New York Times fashion critic Cintra Wilson, fashion determines destiny. In the opening line of her thought-provoking and hilarious new book, Wilson proclaims that “style can either liberate you, or it can enslave you.” Fashion can change your mood, how others perceive you, even influence your decisions. What you choose to wear each day shapes your life, even while your wardrobe is shaped by the culture around you.

Raised on a houseboat in San Francisco, Wilson grew up in a colorful and whimsical world of bell-bottoms and disco sequins, influenced by the Bay Area’s drag queens and aging hippie population. She soon graduated into the bizarre safety-pin creations of the burgeoning punk scene, and her wardrobe has remained all black ever since. From California subculture queen to reviewing the outrageously expensive, over-the-top, and barely functional styles of the New York fashion elite, in Fear and Clothing Wilson finally goes beyond the city limits and into the heartland of America to find how Middle Americans dress.