The Litquake Elder Project

Fridays, Sept.–Nov. 17, 2017
1:00–2:30 pm 

Downtown Oakland Senior Center
200 Grand Ave. Hall 3

Call (510) 238-3284 to reserve your spot today!

A creative arts project focused on creative expression through poetry and performance

For eight weekly 90-minute sessions, Downtown Oakland Senior Center students will participate in a poetry workshop focused on common strategies to write and present poetry for an audience. Students will explore sound patterns, repetition, music, strategies of emphasis, and how reading their work aloud is unlike writing or reading alone. Students will explore examples of Spoken Word, Slam, and traditional reading of poetry. And at the end of the class, students will be featured in an anthology, and perform at a live reading.

The Litquake Elder Project will consist of weekly generative writing and reading sessions combined with music, photographs, headlines, and hands-on creative exercises facilitated by professional teaching writers. Participants will get to know each other in new ways that foster socialization and bonding. Creative projects and collaboration give way to conversations about life, art, philosophy.

Through art and writing, students can express difficult feelings of pain, fear, grief, joy, and discuss and record past and current life experiences, resulting in personal empowerment through creativity of themselves and others. Our goal is for students to find a new self-confidence using the creative process and writing performance as a means of generating a dialogue within and outside of their own community.

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