Register for Kidquake

 "It jumps starts my year and gives us all a wonderful experience."  
 —Clarendon Elementary kindergarten teacher  

As of September 12, 2014, registration is closed—all assemblies are full. Sorry!

As part of the festival each October, Litquake produces Kidquake, a number of kid-focused events. In true Litquake style, San Francisco students in grades K-5 get to sample from the work of 4 or 5 authors in an hour-long presentation and then participate in hands-on workshops with the writers they’ve just seen. Each student leaves with a new book and teachers receive a bag of books and other goodies. Sign-up forms are distributed early each fall to San Francisco schools. Kidquake reaches about 1,000 children each fall.

Participating authors have included: Anthony Robles, Jon Agee, Lisa Brown, Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen, Jennifer Holm, Leuyen Pham, Ina Cumpiano, and many more!

If you’re a teacher or school librarian and are interested in signing up for either Kidquake or Kidquake in the Schools, contact us at