Click here to submit to our 2016 festival!

This festival was created by  and for authors. However, more authors want to appear at Litquake than we have slots; hence, we require an application process. How are authors selected? It’s a complicated task, carried out by a committee. Our criteria:

  • Is the author local or in some way connected to the Bay Area? Or able to travel to San Francisco during the Festival in October?
  • Does he or she have a book or other significant publications in the last two years ?
  • Can he or she give a great live interpretation of the work to a live Litquake audience?

We also invite authors when their books fit into genre-specific Litquake events.

If you are not selected, it doesn’t mean we don’t think highly of you! It might just mean there were requests by 30 memoirists but we only have space for 20. 

More details

In general, except for specific events and discussions, Litquake appearances are on the short side (6-10 minutes). Audiences will hear a taste of your work, and we will have room to feature even more writers. If you feel the need to speak for 45 minutes, please keep in mind you are using up other authors’ time, may be making the audience restless, and are throwing off the day’s schedule.  

Some events will feature book sales and signings, depending on the venue. If you’re sitting on top of a washing machine, reading in a crowded Laundromat during the Lit Crawl, for instance, it's not feasible to bring in a bookseller. But if you’re appearing at a panel discussion, or a major themed event, book sales are much more likely and possible. If you'd like to bring your own books to sell, or have any questions about sales, please check with your event’s producer.

All authors will have their photo and bio listed online, and bio printed in the festival program. Your event producer will be in contact about bio details and deadlines. If you are accepted, please submit a small image to your event’s producer (format must be jpeg, gif, or png only; 96 or 72 dpi; and minimum 280 pixels square.

Thanks again for letting us know about you and your literary efforts!